LA Hip Hop Group, S.O.G. Crew Announce Tour Dates

2017 SOG Crew Hawaii Hip Hop Tour is almost here. The tour will begin today, March 22nd through April 2nd visiting churches, schools, communities, prisons, homeless shelters, rehab centers and music festivals. S.O.G. Crew has made a name for themselves working consistently with the youth on the islands for many years.

“I am so honored to have the opportunity to visit the great people of Hawaii. We have built a strong following over the years on most islands reaching out to youth and families through our style of music. We are so excited to see all our people and looking forward to meeting new family. We will be on tour for a week then I will have have the privilege to vacation for an extra seven days with my beautiful wife and sons. Yes I am excited,” stated Battle Ax

Upcoming SOG Crew Scheduale
March 22 – Masters Touch – Hana, Maui
March 24 – Next Step Homeless Shelter – Oahu
March 25 – Men’s Prison – Hawaii Tour
March 26 – 10AM Victory Outreach Hawaiian Islands
March 26 – 12:30PM Victory Outreach Hawaiian Islands
March 26 – 6PM Praise Chapel- North Shore, HI
March 29 – Baptist Academy High/Middle School – Oahu
March 29 – Woman’s PRISON – Hawaii
April 9 – Living Word – Hanford, CA
April 9 – Outreach with Pastor Felipe VO International
April 12 – Willard Intermediate – Santa Ana, CA
April 15 – Youth Jail Concert – Los Angeles, CA
April 20 – Samueli Academy School – Santa Ana, CA
April 28 – Mendez Intermediate School – Santa Ana, CA
May 2 – Segerstrom High School – Santa Ana, CA
May 4 – Godinez High School – Santa Ana, CA
May 13 – Car Show – Westminister, CA
May 14 – The Hope Center – Yuma, AZ
May 19 – Blood In Blood Out SOG Tour – Denver, CO
May 20 – RMPA Awards – Denver, CO
May 21 – Blood In Blood Out SOG Tour – Pueblo, CO
May 23 – J5 Graduation – Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 1 – Quinceañera – Yuma, CA
Jul 22 – Quinceañera – Somerton, CA
Sep 30 – The Body – San Bernardino, CA