Matt and Kim Release New Video With Live Performance Footage

While taking their action-packed show across the country this year, Matt and Kim documented some of their best live performances and backstage moments from tour and compiled the footage for their End Of 2016 video. The video is a glimpse into Matt and Kim’s uplifting and explosive live set and the undeniably fun times they have with their fans. Soundtracked by ““Fall To Pieces”,” a track off their latest EP We Were The Weirdos, the video includes footage from performances at Mo Pop Festival in Detroit, North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, and Fashion Meets Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio.
“The past summer we had our friend Colin come on the road and shoot video at a few festivals. I was watching some of the footage a couple days ago and thought ‘Daaaaammmn how is this even real life?’ We’re just 2 really lucky bastards getting to play for the most giving and LOVING audiences I could ever ask for. I decided to edit some of those shots together to a song of ours we love, “Fall to Pieces.” I just wanted to let you experience a little of what we got to this last summer and to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came to one of our shows this year (or any year before, for that matter.) Y’all hold a VERY special place in Kim’s booty. Well, it’s getting cold out there and this video just might warm you up a little on the inside, cause damn it starts a fire in me.” Love, Matt (and Kim)