New “Space Rock Bombs” video by Awkward & Zackey Force Funk (Machina Muerte)


For those ready to go to the freakier side of electronic music, Awkward & Zackey Force Funk have released the perfect tune for you. With canyon deep bass and universe encompassing sound, “Space Rock Bombs” coins a new step into the depths of futurism. The Machina Muerte member’s blast off into space, detach from reality, and ride on some kind of space age jaunt that would make label mates Funkadelic proud .

“Space Rock Bombs” will be featured on Awkward’s upcoming album “Un Follow The Leaders” to be released on August 29th. If the Rammellzee inspired album keeps pace with the “Space Rock Bombs,” it could be a real treat.

Below is the “Space Rock Bombs” video.