RACETRAITOR Releases Music Video for "BLK Xmas"

RACETRAITOR jsut released a music video for “BLK Xmas”. Directed by the band with animation and Visual Effects by Ashref Lassoued, this is the first bit of music the band has released in over a year. “BLK Xmas” is really about how absurd it is that people, like the Fox News crowd, try to insist that Jesus or even fictional characters like Santa Clause are white,” says vocalist Mani Mostofi. “On one hand it is totally absurd and laughable but on the other hand, it goes hand and glove with the type of racist and xenophobic sense of cultural purity that gives rise to something like Trump. “Whether it is ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ or ‘Fear of a Spanish speaking America,’ it’s all propaganda designed to get white people to follow a political line that barely benefits most of them beyond a false sense of superiority.” Drummer Andrew Hurley comments, “With all that is going on in the world, we are trying to make a record that pulls no punches in the music or the message. We want to inspire punks, hardcore kids, and metalheads and maybe piss off a few racists along the way.” “BLK Xmas” is available on all streaming services today and as an iTunes instant grat track. All pre-orders are available today as well.