Red Bull Music Shares Remember The Name: Kodie Shane Documentary

Red Bull Music releases a new episode of their documentary series Remember The Name featuring Kodie Shane. Remember The Name is an in-depth visual storytelling series that follows artists, producers, athletes, and dancers, as they navigate through the trials and tribulations of the pressure-filled moments that arise in a budding creative’s career while they take a moment to reflect on where they’ve been, where they are and where they strive to be.

Remember The Name: Kodie Shane captures the revelatory and charismatic 19-year-old rapper with roots in both Chicago and Atlanta as she heads into her biggest show to date, opening up for Kehlani during Red Bull Music’s 30 Days in Chicago last year, an event which the Huffington Post described as “an incubator for creativity.”

In the episode, viewers discover Kodie to be an artist with immense potential who caught the attention of young fans and artists alike. Pitchfork called her “The Fearless Hip-Hop Prodigy We Need,” and her highly-praised music is a clear byproduct of her self-confidence which has been nurtured by the strong women in her life like her mother who doubles as her manager. Kodie is unapologetically queer and comfortable in her own skin; by shattering preconceived norms around gender and sexuality, she serves as a role model for others as they struggle to define their own experiences and identities.