St. Lenox - The Hungry Years "Why I'm Joining the Democratic Socialists of America" Music Video

Andrew Choi, who makes and performs music as St. Lenox, shares the music video for the song “The Hungry Years”. The video, entitled “Why I’m Joining the Democratic Socialists of America” is directed by Elliot Lyman. Choi provides a synopsis of the video:

“The protagonist attends a protest on the invitation of a friend, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, who he has been avoiding for some time. Explaining his unease, he nevertheless decides to join the DSA, proclaiming that he has received a sign from God.”

Written at the cusp of his 40’s, Ten Fables of Young Ambition and Passionate Love is the author’s tribute to the tumultuous pursuits of love and professional success – a memory album in two parts (love / ambition) capturing slices of young living from the author’s colorful past. Written, performed and recorded in off hours at night and on weekends, the author – now an attorney in midtown Manhattan – reworks two classic themes from the indie canon, with a mixture of melodic free verse, stream of consciousness, poetry and folk storytelling. The album is the author’s followup to the critically acclaimed immigration essay, Ten Hymns From My American Gothic.