Static Multimedia World Exclusive – Kol Khaviar “Bad Mamma Jamma” Music Video


We got a worldwide exclusive for you today! Awhile back I interviewed the up-and-coming rapper from Chicago known as Kol Khaviar. We discussed various things such as his rap origins, what it was like for him growing up in the windy city, how he was never the biggest 2Pac fan, but primarily we discussed his latest mixtape Revenge Of The Regular N!99@. A bit after we made that interview available on, Khaviar’s first music video, for “I Killed T.R.O.Y.”, blew up on YouTube garnering literally thousands of views in just a matter of weeks. Well, if you guys were feeling that music video make sure not to sleep on his newest one for the track entitled “Bad Mamma Jamma”. This music video is a lot more complex and involved, and Kol is certainly making it clear that he is evolving as an artist as he rhymes over J. Cole’s “Blow Up” instrumental. And for those of you whom felt you were “shorted” by the single verse, on “I Killed T.R.O.Y.” don’t worry, “Bad Mamma Jamma” is a full-length track in which the Chi-Town fire-breather spits bars that’ll make your face melt. However, see for yourself and check out Kol Khaviar’s latest music video below and leave your comments letting us know what you think. I, along with flocks of other hip-hop heads, think that this dude is about to be huge so take notice now and witness the rise of the regular n!99@.

I met Kol awhile back at a bar in Chandler, Arizona; as soon as I talked to the man I could tell that he had hunger in his eyes and fire in his belly. After only briefly conversing with him during our initial congregation, I knew that I had to sit down with him for a more in-depth interview and do my best to introduce him to the rest of the hip-hop community; this is someone whom I firmly believe needs to be heard. He just spoke about his music with such passion and such dedication that I recognized not to capitalize on this opportunity would be a giant mistake. If I didn’t do it now I probably would not get another chance once he blew up. How stupid would I feel if I passed on the Kol Khaviar interview and then saw him a year later in XXL magazine? I wasn’t going to let that happen, not on my watch.

I feel that a lot of rappers trying to break into the game have tunnel visions and either are not aware of it or simply refuse to acknowledge the bigger picture. The majority of these young bucks coming out are blinded by delusional fantasies and false bravado; this is not a luxury that Kol Khaviar can afford, and he’s intelligent enough to acknowledge this and at the same time keep things in perspective. Making his debut at such a relatively late age Kol Khaviar knows that time is precious and throw-away raps are not an option, so he settles for nothing less than perfection and ensures that every bar is hot enough to scorch your ear drums.

As raw as Kol is you would expect him to be arrogant, nothing could be further from the truth. You can tell how humble the dude is by simply referring to the title of his latest mixtape, Revenge Of The Regular N!99@. The key word there being “regular”, a title that Kol has given himself. He would have you think that he is just a hip-hop connoisseur with a side hustle working at a barber shop that just so happens to spit hot fire like he was Dylan. However, after one listen to the Revenge Of The Regular N!99@ mixtape you’ll see that Kol Khaviar is anything but regular. The windy city native seamlessly shifts from club bangers to street poems which makes his latest mixtape a must listen to. Revenge Of The Regular N!99@ is one that you will definitely regret not checking out.

You can keep up-to-date on all Kol Khaviar news by following him on Twitter, ReverbNation, and SoundClick, as well as contacting the man himself via e-mail at and through New Era Booking at (214)-664-7663. And as always, of course, we will keep all of our Static Multimedia readers informed on the latest Kol Khaviar whereabouts and on-goings.


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