The New Investors Invest In New Music Video

Three weeks ago, The New Investors uploaded their new music video, “Atún”, onto Youtube. This music video brings the group’s iconoclastic sound to life with trippy imagery. The group is strongly made up of a bizarre mix of Copacabanian surf and psychedelic Americana.

Fans of Love, Calexico, Ariel Pink, Real Estate, and Dick Dale are going to want to take a listen. Unique to them however is their strong use of horns, namely trumpets, and dabbling into the sounds of the 1960’s and 70’s.

This is heavily featured within the music video as well, as clips of people having fun on the beach from those era’s (or people re-creating those eras) are used. It is cute, adorable, and just downright nostalgically fun.

The inspiration for the video came to the group when they played at the legendary Beatles club, The Cavern Club in Liverpool, in 2013. There, after lead singer Glenn Mûller introduced the band, Mûller jokingly introduced their drummer, Kristian Karup, as coming all the way from Spain and wanting to greet the audience

Kristian, who is pure Danish, reluctantly took the microphone. Then, he spotted a guy eating what looked like a tuna sandwich and asked: “Tienes un boccadillo con atún?” (“Do you have a tuna sandwich?”) The room was silent until, finally, someone replied: “Pero no hay!” (“But I don’t have any!”)

“Atún” brings that situation to life, and acts as the first single from the band’s upcoming debut album releasing this August. I look forward to hearing more from these guys. Their psychedelic sound makes for an awesome incoming band.