Typhoid Rosie Releases Debut Album “Hearts Bleed Goodbye”

Brooklyn-based indie pop/rock band, Typhoid Rosie, are releasing their debut album, Hearts Bleed Goodbye, with their current line up on March 25th, 2016. The new LP features 11 powerful tracks inspired by love and love lost. Although the full album is a tribute to front-woman Rosie Rebel’s mother, who passed away suddenly, this focus track specifically deals with a unique type of one-sided love relationship. Rebel developed a stalker during her comedian years. She expresses this experience through her music in “Baby I Want You.” PopDose says, Typhoid Rosie is “rising like a phoenix straight outta Brooklyn, recalls a fister rock & roll yesteryear when the likes of Joan Jett, Suz Quatro and Kim Carnes ruled the charts.”

The current live lineup consists of Rosie Rebel (vocals), Matt Kursmark (guitar), Phil Wartell (drums), Leah Farmer (keyboard), Chris Potter (guitar) and Steve Capecci (bass). This compelling female-fronted quintet is led by Rosie Rebel, also known for her famous work as a long-time comedian and her success on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Rebel has appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and her beloved “juicer bra” bit, which Heidi Klum mentioned on “The Tonight Show” and in various interviews. In the midst of her rise in comedy, Rebel unintentionally discovered her knack for writing music, while attending a music class at Columbia University. She later paired up with husband and drummer, Phil Wartell, in 2010 to begin writing and producing. After suffering the tragic loss of her mother, Rebel started to open her songs up to the world and began using music as a way to honor her late mother. Though the album has a sentimental muse, there’s also powerful feminist elements within several tracks, including “Baby I Want You”. Wordkraft says, “Vocally, she comes across as a mix of Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson. There is a velvety quality to her voice that is apparent throughout,” adding “She tackles issues that are important to her.”

Baeble Music stated, “The group doesn’t allow themselves to fall into a predictable melancholic piano, love lost ballad tune, but instead sticks with their pop/rock sound and relies on Rebel’s bleeding lyricism for heavy hitting effect.” Having already gained solid recognition and radio play from their debut album in Australia, Europe and the UK, Typhoid Rosie is set to further expand their exposure with this upcoming album. Stay tuned for the release of Typhoid Rosie’s debut LP, Hearts Bleed Goodbye!