The Trial on DVD November 9th

Rediscover the value of life when The Trial, a riveting court drama, arrives on DVD November 9th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The Trial follows small-town attorney Kent “Mac” McClain (Matthew Modine; Full Metal Jacket), who is left devastated and purposeless by the horrific death of his wife and two sons in a tragic accident. After concluding that suicide is his only escape, McClain agrees to take on one final case. Defending accused murderer Peter Thomason (Randy Wayne; To Save a Life), against capitalist punishment, McClain begins the trial that transforms his life and the lives of those around him forever.

Distinguished filmmaker and producer Gary Wheeler (The List) creates a gripping interpretation of the best-selling book as “The Trial” leaps from page to screen. The result is a legal thriller with a thought-provoking perspective on issues of life, death, and the search for meaning in truth. The film also stars Rance Howard (Jonah Hex), Academy Award nominee Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), and Bob Gunton (“24”).