‘Bumble-Ardy’ – For the Lover’s of Life and Kids at Heart


Maurice Sendak is a much beloved children’s author who created the wild world of Max in Where the Wild Things Are, a story many have grown up with and recently saw adapted to the big screen. Having captured the hearts of many young children with his rhyming, scheming, youthful characters, Sendak recently came out with Bumble-Ardy, an imaginative tale that has brought lots of buzz to the book world.

In 1971 Sendak began to develop the character of Bumble-Ardy while creating a Sesame Street short produced by Jim Henson. Unable to forget this character, Sendak evolved the short segment into this new children’s book.

Bumble-Ardy is an orphaned pig who is about to turn nine and has never had a birthday party. A pig on a mission to party, Bumble-Ardy tells his Aunt Adeline he wants to have a birthday party. Aunt Adeline plans a nice, quiet dinner with Bumble-Ardy to celebrate, but this isn’t what the young pig had in mind.

True to all Sendak characters, Bumble-Ardy is a mischievous pig looking for fun. When Aunt Adeline leaves for work he throws himself a costume party; inviting all his friends and turning his aunt’s house into a masquerade. Bumble-Ardy’s ninth birthday turns into a party of epic proportions and quickly gets out of hand.

“Okay smarty, you’ve had your party but never again,” Aunt Adeline scolds. “I promise, I swear, I won’t ever turn ten,” Bumble-Ardy sadly replies. His ninth birthday has come and gone and left him without the promise of a tenth.

A dark tale written while Sendak’s longtime partner was amidst a battle with lung cancer, Bumble-Ardy explores the enthusiasm for life, for growing old, and the unbreakable bond of a parent (or, in this case an aunt) with their child. Bumble-Ardy was born out of deep pain and a wondrous sense of Sendak coming into his own as an 82-year-old man.

Bumble-Ardy is the first book since Outside Over There published in 1981 that is both illustrated and written by Sendak. Grab a hold of your inner child and experience Bumble-Ardy and remember the excitement of a new year. Now available in bookstores starting at $14.