Ai Ore! Gets Live Action Film


The mangaka Mayu Shinjo has announced on her blog that all systems are a go for a live action adaption of her manga Ai Ore! Love Me! The full title is Ai Ore! Danshikō no Hime to Joshikō no Ōji. The release date is scheduled for later this year in Japan. This manga originally was published in Shōjo Comic (presently called Shocomi). The manga was then moved to Monthly Asuka. The manga is currently in hiatus, although the first arc has been completed. The first volume was published by VIZ Media in North America earlier this year in May. VIZ also publishes Shinjo’s other well known manga Sensual Phrase.

Mizuki is a teenager who attends an all-girl school. She is considered “the prince” of her school because she is so tall and masculine. She has her own rock band called Blaue Rosen. Akira goes to an all boys school and is considered “the princess” because he is so short and feminine. He wants to join Mizuki’s band after their lead singer leaves the band to go overseas. Mizuki is distrustful of men, so there is some trust issues that must be overcome. However, it seems that slowly Mizuki comes to feel more than trust for Akira—could she have fallen in love with him?! This manga is your typical shojō genre story; there are plenty of shojō clichés, including the common cross dressing androgynous theme.

It is wonderful that Mayu Shinjo was able to announce this herself to her readers through her blog because Shinjo was not always so in touch with her series. She left her first publisher, Shogakukan in 2007 due to stress and work abuse. She commented that she was always the last to know when adaptations were created from her work; she even discovered plans for adaptations on the internet before her editors informed her. She is now working freelance.

There is no information about who will be cast, but Shinjo says this, “For the cast, I requested that it doesn’t matter if they’re new or unknown, just as long as they fit the image of the characters perfectly. As a result, we have brought together a wonderful cast that fans will be able to agree on! I am very excited to see what kind of movie it will be!”