Skultar #7 To Be Released This December!


Dark Horse has announced that issue #7 of Skultar, a fabulously comedic rendition of traditional fantasy stories, will be released in December. This relatively new comic is the product of writer M.J. Butler and artist Mark Wheatley, winner of the Eisner award and known for his work with Mars, Lone Justice, and EZ Street. Readers may or may not be aware of this series, so here is an overview:

The environment for this parody like story is chock full of magic, savage beasts and monsters, and legends familiar to most fantasy fans. Every story needs a hero, and Skultar rises to the occasion to defend the weak!

And then he dies.

A fake Skultar then rises up, although he does a fumbling job at it. Paired up with the real Skultar’s right hand man, the imposter must endure adventures with the name Skultar hanging over his head.

Although this is considered a parody, artist Mark Wheatley works seriously at this very “silly” work. He states, ““I think the best humor grows out of a true love for the source material—and I’ve been a fan of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, C. L. Moore, and sword-and-sorcery stories for half an epoch! That doesn’t mean I can’t see where it gets silly! And trust me, Skultar is where it gets silly!” Wheatley’s statement suggests a very high chance of hilarity in this series.

Comic books can lean towards some pretty serious social commentary quite often, so this series is a breath of fresh, relaxing air. This series will release its seventh issue in the anthology Dark Horse Presents this December, so pick it up avid fantasy fans!