‘The Power of Six’ Released This Month

The Power of SixBack2

Continuing the Legacies introduced in the bestselling novel I Am Number Four, the anxiously awaited sequel, The Power of Six, chronicles the story of Number Seven, John Smith, and the other Loriens as they try to defeat the evil Mogadorians before earth get destroyed.

Following the destruction of their planet Lorien by the Mogadorians, a group of nine aliens left for earth in order to save themselves.  Hidden behind their disguise of appearing to be ordinary teenagers, the Nine conceal their extraordinary powers.  However, the Mogadorians follow the Nine to planet Earth.  They quickly discover the identity of One, Two, and Three, and murder them.  They find and try to kill Number Four, John Smith, and fail.

Now after a decisive battle at the end of I Am Number Four, John Smith unites with Number Six and Number Seven to save their planet—and earth—before the Mogadorians destroy both.  Three are dead, but there are still six left alive.  Time is running out as they try to find each other and join their powers together.

One of the Elders from Lorien residing on Earth for the past twelve years, Pittacus Lore is writing the story of Lorien to the people of Earth so that they would not let earth be destroyed as Lorien was destroyed.  His mission is to find and unite the Nine, wherever they might be.  The Power of Six will be released August 23 from HarperCollins.

Check out the book trailer from Harper Collins: