Robert Mitchum’s Granddaughter, Carrie Mitchum in ‘Rocking the Couch’ Clip

Former actress turned chef Carrie Mitchum – best known for her role as Donna Logan on long-running soap The Bold & The Beautiful – says because of who her grandfather was, nobody messed with her – but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t well aware of the Hollywood casting couch.

Hollywood titans, Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, have been brought to their knees by the #MeToo movement. But they did not invent Casting Couch. The term casting couch has existed for decades. But in 1992, a case against talent agent, Wallace Kaye, was brought to court by 12 unknown actresses, who braved the loss of their careers, their privacy, and their Hollywood dreams. They stepped forward, despite the advice of their union, and brought the case to the police. Against all odds, they won, and no one listened.

This documentary explores the case and asks, “Why didn’t we hear about this?” More importantly, why didn’t Hollywood learn from this case? For, if they had, maybe the Cosbys and the Weinsteins would have learned as well, and these sexual exploitations could have been prevented.

“Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it.”

From writer/director Minh Collins, produced by Andrea Evans, Minh Collins, and Jerry Sommer, and starring Lauren Anastasi-Peter, Ikon Barenbolm, Alana Crow, Jennifer Durst, Tiffani Fest and Sadie Katz, Rocking the Couch is now available on Amazon U.S and UK.