A Fold Apart Opens Up a Bit with a Teaser Trailer

Get some tissues as Lightning Rod Games has released a sweet new teaser trailer for their award-winning upcoming title, A Fold Apart. A Fold Apart is an award-winning 3D puzzle game from Lightning Rod Games that explores the emotional struggles of a long-distance relationship through a unique new mechanic folding paper. It is set to launch in June 2019 on Nintendo Switch and for Windows.

“A Fold Apart may be based on my own real-life experience with a long-distance relationship,” explains Lightning Rod Games co-founder Mark Laframboise,” but the feelings of being apart from a loved one are much more universal than that. One of our main goals for the story has been to make it accessible and relatable to anyone who plays it, including those who may not have experienced a long-distance relationship themselves.”

It truly is a touching game as it not just folding your way to your partner, but it gives you a little bit of freedom to choose the gender of the lovers. They made sure to keep it a family friendly game where all ages and people can experience this story equally. It is a unique mechanic to guide these two characters together by folding the platform to move forward. It also shows the problems of trying to communicate with those we love without a few bumps along the way.

Want to try out the demo? People at PAX East this Weekend in Boston will be able to play A Fold Apart demo. Look for the blue and orange booth through the many rows of booths. To make the trip faster over there to try it out their game the booth number is 23117 and pick up an origami heart for yourself. Keep flipping through the shops’ pages around June to play A Fold Apart for Nintendo Switch and Windows. What to learn more about the developers and the game check their website at https://www.lightningrodgames.com/.

You can also follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LightningRodGames/, Twitter https://twitter.com/LRGthunder and Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/451310/A_Fold_Apart/.