Analogue Announces Super Nt, an SNES-Simulating Console That Plays All Your Old Carts

Analogue, a company known for creating high-end consoles that play classic games, announced the new Super Nt console, a sort of recreation of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with HDMI output for connection to modern TVs.

This is a different sort of animal from Nintendo’s SNES Classic — it’s a piece of hardware designed to take in real, physical SNES carts. That means you have many more games to choose from than the 21 baked into the SNES Classic.

The console is releasing in February, and preorders are available now. When it launches, it will cost you $189.99 — quite a bit more than the SNES Classic, but not a bad deal when you consider its potential to play so many more games.

There are no controllers included in the package, but Analogue is partnering with 8bitdo to create cool wireless SNES gamepads. Like the console, they’re available in four varieties for $39.99 each. Of course, your old SNES controllers and peripherals will work just fine, too, if you’ve still got them lying around in a closet somewhere.

Analogue’s previous effort, the Nt, was a high-end console that played NES games. However, unlike the Super Nt, it was priced sky high: $499 for the original unit, and $449 for the Nt Mini. The Super Nt looks to hit a much sweeter price point, so if you’re interested, grab a pre-order, just in case these things sell out quickly.