‘Animal Crossing’ Mobile Game Will Be Revealed in Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Nintendo announced it will finally provide details for the long-awaited Animal Crossing mobile game. The information will come in the form of a Nintendo Direct presentation, the main way in which Nintendo lets fans and the press know what it’s up to.

The Direct will be streamed tomorrow at 11 p.m. EST (noon Wednesday, Japan time). It’s expected to be approximately 15 minutes long.

Nintendo first announced an Animal Crossing mobile phone title back in Spring 2016. It was initially expected to be one of the first Nintendo mobile games, but it’s been preceded by Miitomo, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fans of the series are understandably excited; of all Nintendo’s franchises, Animal Crossing seems like it has the best chance on mobile platforms. We shouldn’t expect any Animal Crossing Switch news tomorrow, however.