Banjo-Whoie? Yooka-Laylee Coming to Switch on December 14

While it’s been available for some time now on other platforms, 3D platformer throwback Yooka-Laylee is hitting the Nintendo Switch on December 14.

The substantial delay between the other releases and release on the Switch is primarily due to the fact that Nintendo’s console is brand new.

It’s a new platform where we’re using a middleware engine, so it adds another link to the chain,” Gavin Price, director at developer Playtonic, said to Eurogamer recently.

The wait might be worth it, however. Not only will the Switch version incorporate all the fixes and patches that have been released so far, Playtonic will also support single-JoyCon play for each of the game’s eight multiplayer minigames. That means playing with your friends will be easier than ever. Not to mention the Switch’s portability, which for many gamers is reason enough to purchase a multiplatform game on the Switch.

Yooka-Laylee was developed by a bunch of former Rare employees, and it shows. If you were ever a fan of Rare’s work on its classic 3D platformers from the Nintendo 64 era, keep an eye out for the Switch version of Yooka-Laylee. With the improvements Playtonic has made, it’s looking like it might be more of a worthy successor to those fantastic games.