Celebrate Moonlighter Reaching 500,000 Copies Sold and Future Plans

Let’s all give a great big cheer to Digital Sun and 11 bit studios’ for selling half a million copies of Moonlighter. The game first launched on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 as an action RPG. After a few months after its release on other platforms, it finally was accessible to the Nintendo Switch. Ones it made it on the switch the game made amazing numbers for the indie publisher. It got launched into having 150,000 copies sold in its first week after recently being released in Japan for the eShop.

The shopkeeper, Will, who has been keeping his business thriving through the day and tackling dungeons at night has sold over 500,000 copies across all platforms. To celebrate this milestone, Moonlighter will be on sale right now. The game will be 40% off on Steam and 33% off in North America on the Nintendo eShop and European eShop will receive its sale price on April 11, 2019.

Digital Sun and 11 bit studios won’t stop there as they are working on developing a mobile version of the game, and creating a great number of free updates for the game on all platforms, they are also working on expanding Moonlighter universe. Between Dimensions is all new DLC to set up new challenges for Moonlighter.

Between Dimensions will have new monsters that will appear in current dungeons expanding upon the main experience. Players will be able to gain new armor, shop items, rings, and weapons like Trick Weapons. The trick weapons will have special powers bound to the weapon that players will be able to use. Be careful how you use the weapons though as they may punish your enemies, but it can also do something for you as there might be a price for using a magical weapon. There will also be Interdimensional dungeons with all new dungeons swarming with powerful mini-bosses that you have never faced before.

To keep up to date on what the developers are planning check out their actual page http://moonlighterthegame.com/, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Moonlightergame/, and both developers twitter accounts https://twitter.com/DigitalSunGames, and https://twitter.com/11bitstudios