Crisis… Delayed? ‘Gravity Rush 2’ Servers Will Now Shut Down in July

Fans of Sony’s criminally underrated Gravity Rush 2 were disappointed to learn at the end of last year that the game’s online servers would be shut down, barely a year after the game’s release. While primarily a single-player game, the online component allowed you to cooperate to earn “Dusty Coins,” a digital currency that was required to unlock bonus costumes for the game’s hero, Kat.

Never the sort of group to go silently into the night, gamers banded together and created the #DontForgetGravityRush hashtag to tweet their support of the game. Sony responded by delaying the server shutdown until July 2018, six months after the originally planned shutdown.

The company is also increasing the rate at which players can earn Dusty Coins, to help expedite the process of completing the necessary tasks to “finish” the online component. Still, there will be some features lost when the servers do eventually shut down, such as online leaderboards.

The hope is that this Twitter campaign has brought new and positive attention to Gravity Rush 2, so maybe we wouldn’t be crazy to hold out hope for part 3.