Destiny 2 Beta Impressions From a Destiny Newbie: Part 3

I am bad at Destiny.

I stepped into the Crucible with the sense that I was outmatched. I mean, obviously. I’ve been playing Destiny for three days. Some of these players have been Supering dudes for years. I have to imagine there’s a skill set that transfers from the original game. That might explain why I went down, pretty consistently, within seconds.

Anyway. I’m not making excuses. I am bad at Destiny.

The Crucible match available to me in the Beta involved two teams of four Guardians both setting up and defending explosive charges. If you could set a charge on your opponent’s side and defend it until it exploded, you won. The alternative is simply killing all the members of the opposing team, but where’s the fun in that?

Apparently, there’s a lot of fun in that, because that did happen to me, several times.

The tight controls and cool maneuverability I mentioned loving in the single player mission and Strike mission were still present, but here, I felt like a child who could do a couple of cool card tricks trying to one-up David Blaine. As fast as I moved, literally everyone moved so much faster. As good as my aiming was, everyone else’s was so much better.

I’m not complaining! There may come a time when I’m talented enough to utterly obliterate newbies, making them second guess their favorite hobby and consider taking up, I don’t know, model train collecting or something. Not that I’m second guessing my hobby here. I’m just acknowledging where my particular skills lie.

I’m thinking the Crucible is where you go when, as a Destiny player, you’ve really done it all. You’ve beaten every story mission, maxed out your character in every way, had all the fun you’re going to have in all the various Strikes. This must be where Destiny players go to retire. Though they’re not putting their feet up. They’re taking out their guns and obliterating wide-eyed noobs like me.

I still think Destiny 2 is pretty special. Come September, I’ll have to make the final decision on whether I’m in it for the long haul or not. I think I might be. Even with my terrible showing in the Crucible, I’m hopeful I can learn enough to at least be competitive.

Barring that, I would like to find out what the Cabal plan to do with the Traveler. That’s a plot twist I’m not willing to leave unresolved.