‘Dragon Quest Builders 2’ Making a Home for Itself on Playstation 4, Switch

Square Enix announced that the sequel to the popular Minecraft-like Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will bring with it new features, such as the option to create sloping platforms and waterfalls, as well as the ability to dive underwater. What possibilities this might open have not yet been revealed.

The game will also feature multiplayer for the first time, with up to four people able to explore and create together in one world.

Dragon Quest Builders is a game of adventuring and construction in the Dragon Quest universe, with more than a little inspiration taken from indie darling (and money-printing machine) Minecraft. The sequel promises more of the same, along with some additional bells and whistles to keep the experience feeling fresh.

Square Enix hasn’t revealed the release date as of yet. The original game was released in 2016.