‘Elite: Dangerous’ Plans for Player-Owned Carriers and More Multiplayer Options in 2018

Players of Elite: Dangerous will soon have much more on their plates besides space exploration and terrifying alien encounters. In 2018, developer Frontier plans for player-owned carriers and new multiplayer options.

The meat of the multiplayer expansion is the creation of squadrons. Previously, players could join together in small groups called “wings” and battle together. These groups weren’t permanent, and would need to be reestablished if a player wanted to continue with the same people. With squadrons, however, groups will be consistent, and the new player-owned carrier ships will act as a sort of homebase, giving squad members a place to refuel and get back into the action.

There are also plans to improve mining, with developers hoping to elicit the feeling of being in the Wild West as a prospector.

The developers also plan to revamp exploration, though they have been less specific about this aspect.

Check out the full Frontier presentation video below.