Fan Favorite ‘The Wolf Among Us’ Get a Sequel Season From Telltale Games

Telltale Games, purveyors of exciting and choice-filled adventure games, will launch a sequel to the much-loved game The Wolf Among Us sometime in 2018. An adaptation of the comic series Fable, The Wolf Among Us tells the story of Bigby Wolf, sheriff of Fabletown. Bigby is tasked with investigating the murder of a woman, and finds himself drawn into a much bigger and more dangerous drama.

The world of The Wolf Among Us takes classic fairy tales and reimagines them in the darkest, grittiest way possible. Your favorite childhood characters live real lives among us, in secret, dealing with all the good and the bad that life in America has to offer.

A sequel has been long requested, and Telltale has remained mum about its plans, until yesterday.

“We’d KILL to step back into [the world of The Wolf Among Us] some day and we know our fans would too,” wrote Job Stauffer on Twitter. “Your voices and your passion will never go unheard here.”

A few days later, the official announcement of the sequel was made.

In addition to a new season of The Wolf Among Us, Telltale is also releasing a second season of its Batman adventure series, called Batman: The Enemy Within, debuting August 8, and a fourth and final season of The Walking Dead series in 2018, bringing heroine Clementine’s story to a close. Expect more information on all these games in the weeks to come.