‘Final Fantasy XV’ Coming to PC in Early 2018

Long rumored but never confirmed, Square Enix finally let the moogle out of the bag: Final Fantasy XV is coming to Windows PC in early 2018. The company made the announcement during Nvidia’s Gamescom press conference.

The company plans to use Nvidia’s Gameswork suite of tools to optimize FFXV for PC. This means we should expect a big jump in graphical fidelity over the original PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The game will also support Nvidia’s GeForce Experience sharing tools setup, which will allow for in-game photos and videos to be saved and streamed.

The Windows PC version will come with the paid DLC included free of charge, along with all the other free updates Square Enix has developed, such as the off-road Regalia. According to the game’s Steam Store page, it will also include a first-person mode.

No specific release date has been announced, but we expect to get more details soon.