FINAL FANTASY XV’s Multiplayer Expansion, Comrades, Launching Online Test August 3rd

Square Enix has announced its plans for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, Comrades, and it sounds like it has a lot in store for fans. From August 3rd through August 8th, players who have purchased the game’s Season Pass and are members of either Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold will be able to download an online test version of Comrades, create an avatar, and participate in a handful of quests with others online.

Up to four players can join together on hunts, though if you’d rather play alone, you can team up with computer-controlled characters in the final version. In addition to grinding for levels, it appears there will be some form of weapon upgrading system to keep you grinding for more power.

The closed online test will be available for players in all regions at the same time.

Though weapons, quests, and locations will be limited to a small handful in the initial test, the full version will bring much, much more, according to Square Enix. Check out the official Comrades website for more details.