First Official Trailer for New Tomb Raider Movie Released

Proving once and for all that Alicia Vikander’s neck is of normal human proportions, Warner Bros. Pictures today released the first official trailer of its new Tomb Raider film. Based on the footage shown, the film seems to combine the big ideas of the first two games in the recently rebooted game series: Lara is searching for her father’s legacy, while also trapped with her friends on an island overrun with bad guys.

Some of the highlighted set pieces also seem to pull from specific moments in the first game, such as Lara making her way across a precariously hanging plane wing. Other, more general concepts have carried over, as well, like Lara dodging her way through deadly traps.

We also get a brief look at Walton Goggins as Lara’s main antagonist. He’s very capable of playing unsettling characters, so I look forward to seeing his full performance.

Tomb Raider is scheduled to release March 16, 2018