Free Weekend for all Amplitude Studios’ Games

From Thursday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 6th, all Amplitude Studios’ games will be FREE for everyone to play!

Let’s face it, it’s just too hot to go outside. So why bother melting in record high temps when you have the perfect excuse to stay inside and kick ice on some super cool (ahem) Amplitude games?

That’s right, we’re offering up ALL of our games to play for FREE on Steam this weekend from Thursday at 8:00 PST / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST through Monday at 10 AM PST / 18:00 BST / 17:00.

Whether you’re a returning player eager to try another of our games, or an adventurer completely new to the Endless universe, there is something for you!

Stretch Goals & the Free Weekend Website
What’s that you’re saying? You already have everything? Well, first off, high five! Such a discerning customer… However, we’ve got something special there for you too. On our free weekend website, we’ll be putting up Stretch Goals that will be unlocked based on the total number of hours played by our community, across all of our games.

Last year, 240,000 participated in the free weekend, unlocking all six reward tiers in the process. This year, we’re back with another Community Challenge!

Simply play Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, or Endless Space 2 and reach 1 million hours of collective playtime to help the community unlock all the rewards, which include a Cravers Prime skin that was only available during Early Access, and as stretch goals, 6 additional fleet skins to unlock.
You can find the Amplitude free weekend official website at

All of our games are set in the same vast and mysterious Endless universe, where an ancient, now extinct civilization of precursors known as the Endless has shaped the galaxy in many ways, leaving behind troves of technological artifacts and relics.

Here are some more details about each one to try for free this weekend!

Endless Space 2
Who hasn’t harbored a secret dream or two of galactic domination? Whether you’ll burn and conquer your neighbors or cozy it up with them is up to you. Before long, you’ll be saying “just one more turn” as you lead your civilization to the stars…

Endless Legend
For the more fantasy-minded, dive into the mystical world of Endless Legend, a strategy game where you must strive to save your people on the dying world of Auriga. Not to sound too braggy or anything, but this game was nominated game of the year by Rock Paper Shotgun and has won multiple awards for its soundtrack!

Dungeon of the Endless
A cult favorite and a bit of an outlier from our other titles, this rogue-like game with a dash of tower defense takes place in a pixelized world with electro music inspired from the 80s and 90s. You and your team of heroes must try and protect the generator of your crash-landed ship all the while fighting monsters and trying to find your way out of a procedurally-generated dungeon! (try and say that one without pausing for breath)

Endless Space
The game that started it all! Our very first game, released in 2012, introduces the Endless Universe and our trademark slick UI and haunting atmosphere. Lots of our fans still seem to love playing it, so it’s worth a run!

But wait there’s more… Today we released major new expansions for TWO different games!

Endless Legend “INFERNO”
Endless Legend is back baby, and it’s hotter than ever. A brand-new faction known as the Kapaku, a new volcanic terrain type, and a mysterious event known as the dust eclipse are all part of this expansion, developed by NGD Studios. Read more about the decision to collaborate and about NGD Studios on our Games2Gether blog.

Endless Space 2 “SUPREMACY”
Our favorite chickens, the Hissho, have come back to roost as a major faction! In addition to that we’ve created a whole new class of ships called Behemoths that can be customized to serve different functions. Read more about them on the Steam page.