Get a Glimpse of the Cyber World of Conglomerate 451

Time to get the cyber gear as 1C Entertainment and developer RuneHeads are thrilled to bring light to a brand new game and giving the new step of the evolution of a classic, first-person dungeon crawler genre. With a little twist of data smash together with a cyberpunk twist to it all, meet Conglomerate 451. It is time to shed away your human vessel as it won’t do you much good to try and defeat the enemies that are in your path.

It is time to plan to work with a grid-based dungeon crawler as Conglomerate 451 takes hold of it while upgrading one of gaming’s most beloved genres to play. Your task, if you want to accept it, is to take own the corrupt corporations that are planning to take out sector 451 of Conglomerate city. It is your job to establish and manage a tough team of cloned agents to defeat the corporations. Alter the teams DNA and outfit them with the latest in high-end cyber limbs, implants and best weaponry to get the upper hand in this city-wide power struggle.

It isn’t going to simply adjust a bit here and there and defeat the enemy. Each encounter carries more then what is seen on the surface. You can upgrade not just your agent but also upgrade weapons and armor proficiencies. Augment your body with interchangeable cyber implants that completely change your agent’s skills and utility. Hack the cyberspace mid-mission to get ahead of the competition to get vital Intel to give yourself the upper hand.

Besides planning the best strategy and finding the weak points of your enemies with using the most of your agents’ skills, you will need to keep on your toes with the Roguelike element that is in play. This element can do serious damage to your agent that can be a permanent status modifier, causing a need for a different approach of each encounter. Keep an eye on those wounds even if it is the smallest damage that your character gets as they can have a long-lasting impact. They can even gain trauma which will follow between missions you decide to take them on. If you don’t want to deal with that your going have to manage resources wisely with hacking, equip agent skills, and using personal R&D department to make it out alive. Don’t think about killing off a solider to restart them good as knew because if they die in the field, then they are dead permanently.

Conglomerate 451 will be arriving on Steam for Early Access soon and the full launch is planned for later this year. Want to get your heads on it while talking to the developers than you’re in luck if you are attending PAX East 2019. Come to Booth #19115 and try the game first hand. If you want more information check out the game on Steam and follow RuneHeads and 1C Entertainment on Twitter.