Gotta Catch ‘em All? Pokemon Go Players Snatch Three Billion Pokemon in a Week

Niantic Labs, creators of the insanely popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go, announced that over three billion Pokemon were captured in the Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge, which ran from November 20 to November 26.

To make even more of a game out of it, Niantic offered up rewards for various milestones: after 500 million catches, 1.5 billion catches, and 3 billion catches. Having easily cleared the 3 billion mark with time to spare, all rewards are now available for a limited time.

Most noteworthy for American players is probably the Pokemon Farfetch’d. Typically only available in Asian countries, Farfetch’d is catchable in the US. So if you need to fill out your Pokedex and aren’t planning any overseas trips in the near future, now’s your chance.

Players also unlocked Double XP, double Stardust, and increased-duration Lure Modules, which are available to players until December 1. The Farfetch’d bonus is only around for one more day, so get hunting.