A Hell of a Good Time: ‘Doom’ for Switch Adds Motion Controls

Many were surprised when Doom was given a Nintendo Switch port — the relatively low power of the system would suggest it couldn’t handle a game like Doom. However, fans have been generally pleased, and now they’ll be even more so. Bethesda just released a new patch that adds motion-controlled aiming to the game on Switch.

“With today’s update, we’ve added Motion Aiming to DOOM, a much-requested control option that allows you to utilize the built-in gyroscope of the Joy-Con for more precise aiming,” Bethesda said in a blog post about the new patch. The option can be used in conjunction with traditional aiming using the controller’s analog stick for the perfect blend of immersion and accuracy.”

For good measure, they’ve updated the game’s icon on the Switch’s Home menu, as well. It now matches the box art for the physical copy of the game.

The patch also adds a new Party system that should make it much easier to set up games with your friends. There are other bug fixes and optimizations, as well.

With companies like Bethesda porting their biggest games onto the Switch, it’s clear that Nintendo’s new console — lightweight in the graphics department or not — has a lot of life in it.