Indie Mega-Hit ‘UNDERTALE’ Launches Today on PS4 and PS Vita

Almost two years after its PC release, Undertale is finally available on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. It became an instant classic after its initial release in 2015, channeling developer Toby Fox’s love for classic 16-bit RPGs into a heartfelt, charming, and incredibly fun indie game.

While the game has found great success on PC, selling over a million copies, Fox felt that one crucial audience wasn’t being served: Japanese gamers.

The games that had inspired me came from Japan, but Japanese audiences were not able to play the game easily,” he said in a post on the Playstation blog.

This is because the PC gaming market in Japan is relatively small. Coupled with the fact that the game hadn’t been translated into Japanese, Fox decided it was time to bring the game to Playstation consoles.

Fox worked with Japanese company 8-4 to both translate the game and port it to Playstation.

Physical collector’s editions are available for preorder from They include a copy of the game on disc, a collector’s box, a 14k gold-plated brass music box locket, and other collector’s items. Preorders placed now aren’t shipping until December, but if you want one, best to pre-order sooner rather than later.