Indie Twin-Stick Shooter "Riddled Corpses EX" Coming to Switch

Indie French developer COWCAT is pleased to announce that “Riddled Corpses EX” is coming to Nintendo Switch! This old school twin-stick shooter will be available in America and Europe on the Nintendo E-Shop on March 2nd, 2019 for a recommended price of 9,99 €. Pre-order is available right now! Nintendo Switch features include:
  • Joy-Con and Pro Controller supported
  • Coop play possible with a single joycon for each player
  • TV and handheld modes
  • 17 in-game achievements to unlock
Riddled Corpses EX is a twin-stick shooter reminiscent of 80/90’s arcade games with fast action and fun gameplay. This is a remaster by COWCAT of Diabolical Mind’s first game exclusively for consoles. The new version features many improvements, including 60 FPS, a whole new story mode with cutscenes, a clearer interface, much less grinding, characters with stats, new enemies AI, a new soundtrack… It features old-school gameplay, pixel art and quality chiptune music.