Introducing the Four Heroes & Music from the Upcoming RPG “Ash of Gods”

Ash of Gods is a ​turn-based RPG featuring constantly evolving storytelling with risks that truly affect gameplay, along with an extensive online PvP mode. The game features a story based on the complexity and ambiguity of moral choice where any of the characters in game can die. Momentary benefits may cost a character a life, while sacrifice will make the walkthrough of one of following episodes easier. Ash of Gods features a mix of gorgeous art, lush music, tactical combat, and a powerful story that plays out via dialogue driven layer interaction. Depending upon a player’s decisions, no two play throughs of the game will be the same.

The road to redemption is strewn with ashes of the Gods themselves, and now four humans travel this embattled route, challenging the fearsome ancient Reapers who want to consume the once peaceful land of Terminum.

These brave four are not the Chosen Ones spoken of in whispered legends, but
sometimes, you don’t need to be “chosen” to lead the world into the light. Oftentimes, it takes brave souls with strength, honor, and pride to make the decisions needed to break evil’s assault on the world.


Thorn Brenin is a retired captain who has earned everything he has through virtue and
honor—be it gold and jewels, or countless battle scars—Thorn’s sense of right and wrong, and his ability with a sword, has earned it all, thrice over. Never once did he retreat in the face of danger, and he has always been successful at whatever he sets his mind to. Being such an illustrious man makes it all the more painful that he can’t find a way to heal his wife’s weak heart.


One of Thorn’s children, Gleda Brenin is a mischievous, strong, and confident young girl. At an early age, her father began teaching her the ways of the sword, while her mother instilled in her a love of reading and knowledge. By the age of seventeen, Gleda was fluent in both ancient history and swordsmanship—defending herself with both a sharp wit, and an even sharper blade, if needed. She is rebellious and does not accept the region’s more typical dresses and hairstyles, believing that they would not only interfere with her extracurricularactivities, but also with her everyday life.


Blance is a mystery to those around him, but that does not stop others from trusting him and valuing his skills and personality. Despite the fact he looks and acts like a human, he’s much more than that: Blance is of the race of beings known as the Umbra. He is known by most humans, however, as Hopper Rouley. He usually presents himself as a scribe, but he is also skilled as a healer, an herbalist and a competent swordsman. Blance is also a strong empath and can sense danger before it becomes apparent to everyone else.


Lo Pheng is an Eikon, a member of a mighty race inhabiting the Isle of Shadows, and he is the highest-ranking son of the Shadow Clan. The Eikon, and Lo Phen himself, are
surrounded in clouds of mystery and rumor, rumor that focuses mostly on their ability to strike as if carried on the wind itself. Aristocrats, monarchs and rich merchants alike value the Eikon’s abilities, and pay astonishing amounts of money to hire their services (and blades).

Ash of Gods Key Features:

  • “Roguelike” Storytelling​: The dialogue choices you make, journey paths you choose, and battles you fight truly affect the story and the world around you. The team’s resources and time are limited—you must choose who should live and who must die in order to continue along your path. If you rush forward mindlessly, you will gradually lose your characters, including the major ones, but even the death of the party’s leader will not lead to “game over.”
  • PvP and PvE Multiplayer Modes​: Live through the story and top the global ratings with your characters in the multiplayer mode. Unlock new characters and cards and upgrade them to build your own unique strategy and tactics. Create your own clans, join forces with friends and participate in the battles together.
  • Intelligent AI Functionality​: that constantly learns from playing against you. No single tactic or formation will win against an AI that learns your playstyle!
  • An Inventive Live Score:​ The music of this project is the result of collaboration by game composers, Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz who wrote the music for such projects as Bullet Storm, Painkiller, The Witcher, EVE Online, Call of Juarez, and Shadow Warrior.
  • Scrupulously Hand-Drawn Graphics​: Visual stylings of the game are inspired by the work of Ralph Bakshi, old-school Disney cartoons, and 1960’s-era Russian animation. Character animation in combat scenes are based on live actors’ motion capture.
  • Compelling Storyline​: The story was created by the popular author Sergey Malitsky, a contemporary Russian writer who has sold hundreds of thousands of books.
  • New Approach to Tactical Strategy​: A mix of turn-based strategy and card RPG, where the cards determine your strategy and the characters’ classes determine your tactics on the battlefield

Along with a constantly evolving storyline, players will be treated to a fantastic visual and aural experience, featuring stunning hand-drawn characters and environments, coupled with music from Adam Skorupa, whose previous work includes The Witcher, Bulletstorm, Painkiller, and EVE Online.