The Kinect Is Dead – Microsoft Discontinues the Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S, X

Surprising precisely to no one who has been paying attention to Microsoft’s strategy over the past year or so, Microsoft announced it will no longer manufacture the Kinect adapter, an accessory required to connect the Kinect to a new Xbox One S or X. For several months after the debut of the Xbox One S, Microsoft offered the adapter for free via a promotion for customers who purchased a new system. However, it’s now made the determination that consumers just aren’t that into the Kinect.

Microsoft bet a lot on the Kinect back when the Xbox One initially launched. It was willing to release the new system at $100 more than its chief competitor, the PlayStation 4, because it believed in the value of the Kinect and what it could mean for the future of home entertainment.

That dream appears to have ended, at least for now. Expect prices on aftermarket Kinect adapters to continue to skyrocket, as most stores no longer have any in stock, and per Microsoft, they won’t be expecting any more shipments.