Like To Brawl? Check out “Fight Knight” Game on Kickstarter

The Tower ascends without warning. It consumes the land it appears out of as it rises, higher than ever. And then, before long, it’s gone. Only the wisest can predict where it will next appear. There are those who attempt to climb its inner halls, but the twisted forms of the creatures captured by the Tower, and the twisted form of the Tower itself, prevent those brave souls from going far. And it seems that each floor is composed of a slice of an entirely different location! Magical trickery is afoot. Surely there is some great reward awaiting the one who reaches the top, but who could possibly reach it?

The player assumes the role of the eponymous FIGHT KNIGHT. Known best from the gladiator circuit, this master of weapons has been absent from the arena for some time (much to the disappointment of his fans), yet it turns out he’s been chasing after the Tower all along! One has to wonder, why? And why does he refuse to touch any of his many armaments?

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