Lost Spear Gets Release Date

Square Enix Announces Release Date for New RPG LOST SPHEAR, From the Creators of I AM SETSUNA

Tokyo RPG Factory, the branch of Square Enix dedicated to crafting RPGs in the style of the classic 32-bit era of gaming, announced that its next game, LOST SPHEAR, will be releasing on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on January 23, 2018.

LOST SPHEAR is the spiritual successor to I AM SETSUNA, the previous game from Tokyo RPG Factory. Both games are created to resemble old-school RPGs from the original Playstation, though with more modern bells and whistles to improve the experience.

In LOST SPHEAR, the world is threatened by a mysterious force known as the Lost. A young man named Kanata is given the power of Memory, and he and his friends must travel across the world, restoring the land and returning hope to its people.

For Playstation 4 owners, pre-ordering gets you a free ‘Memoirs of the Moon’ Dynamic Theme and two songs from the soundtrack, Market Town Marpennig and Town of Elgarthe, upon the game’s launch.

The game will be released digitally on all platforms. Physical copies are available exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store.