Many Changes in ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Release

A new plot expansion for mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes was released last night. Nintendo refers to it as the “second book” of the Fire Emblem Heroes saga, and it’s a continuation of the story many players have already conquered. The new story features a cast of new characters, including Fjorm, an ice princess battling Surtr, who’s known as the “ruler of flame.”

There are other changes afoot, as well. Stamina requirements have been capped at 10 for all story missions, meaning it will be easier than ever for players to push their way through the plot without having to wait for their stamina to refill. Additionally, player barracks will automatically expand by 100. That means more characters can be recruited, which should open many new options for battle.

Nintendo is offering a free five-star Fjorm to any player who completes the first part of the new story. The first two chapters are up now, so completing them should be a fairly easy way to get your hands on a strong new addition to the team.

New content is expected to be rolled out through the month of November, including quicker recharging of special abilities.