Match Three Pirates - 'Heir to Davy Jones' Now Available on Steam!

Davy Jones was a pirate, who didn’t want to die. He wished to furrow the sea forever. And he raised the dark forces and create own magic world – Davy Jones’ Locker where there was no time and no one was getting old, and Davy was opening portals to the our world to lure people into Davy Jones’ Locker to be a pirates and play the Davy Jones games… forever!

On some day Bobby was walking at the fair. And everything was fine till he saw that pirate’s pavilion. Bobby fell into the trap of legendary Davy Jones, and you jumped after him.

Now you should chasing Davy Jones in this magic world, and save Bobby… by any costs!

Key Features:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Thoroughly elaborated pirate atmosphere of Davy Jones’ Locker. This world only seems cartoon…
  • An interesting plot, talking dialogs and exciting cutscenes
  • Meet the pirates – characters with their own destiny and story
  • Beat all 100 difficult and time limited levels to save Bobby
  • Unique gameplay features
  • Unusual boosters
  • Pirate Roulette
  • Customize ship and raise black flag under you own the pirate’s Vessel!
  • Incredible enemies – Monkey-hooligan, Gull-thief and others what will try to stop you!
  • Shanty and real sea soundtrack
  • Currently 15 achievements waiting to be unlocked

Heir to Davy Jones, latest Match 3 Adventure game from Graphium Studios, Now Available on Steam!