‘Metal Gear Survive’ Is Coming February 2018

Konami announced its first full-fledged Metal Gear game with no involvement from series creator Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Survive, is hitting consoles and Windows PCs in February of 2018.

The game will take place in an alternate universe, after the events of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, and before that game’s follow-up, The Phantom Pain. Konami claims there will be a compelling single-player mode as well as a co-op mode where players team up to fend off zombies. So, weird, but not typical Metal Gear weird.

The game was originally supposed to drop in 2017, but Konami wanted to give the development team more time to polish. It makes sense — expectations are all over the place for this first post-Kojima Metal Gear game, with many fans no doubt writing it off as a loser without giving it a shot. Konami has a lot to prove.

A bunch of pre-order incentives will be offered for players willing to take a chance. They include four gold-plated weapons, two gestures (“happy” and “thumbs up”), four metallic survival scarves, “Kabuki” face paint, a “Boxman” accessory (that seems to pay homage to the traditional cardboard box of Metal Gear lore), and a Mother Base nameplate.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Metal Gear Survive when it hits in February for $39.99.