More Murder and Mysteries Coming Our Way – Spike Chunsoft Opens North American Subsidiary

Spike Chunsoft, creator of visual novel mystery games like the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series, is opening a North American branch.

The new company will be calling Long Beach, California home when it opens in the near future. Spike Chunsoft plans to make an appearance at the Game Developers Conference in March 2018, where they’ll share more details on the expansion at an invite-only event.

It’s a good sign for fans of quirky, Japanese-developed games that Spike Chunsoft is making this move. Previously, localizing games like Danganronpa would have been seen as a risky bet, but these sorts of games are pushing more and more into the mainstream. This seems to have given Spike Chunsoft the confidence to step into the Western market themselves.

Previously, other companies have handled localization duties for Spike Chunsoft’s games, and the quality of said localizations has been steadily increasing as time goes by. Hopefully, Spike Chunsoft hires the best localizers it can find to maintain that level quality, even as they gain more control over how their games are presented to Western audiences.