More Sheep and Relationship Troubles: Atlus Announces Remake of Fan-Favorite Puzzler, Catherine

Get ready for more weirdness. Atlus, developer behind the Persona series, is creating a remake of classic PS3/Xbox 360 puzzle game Catherine for PS4 and Vita. Called Catherine: Full Body, the game will feature updated graphics and entirely new story elements.

Catherine tells the story of Vincent, a 30-something software engineer who is starting to feel a bit trapped by his long-term relationship with a woman named Katherine. One night, he meets a woman named Catherine (confusing, I know), and one thing leads to another… Next thing he knows, Vincent is forced to hide his mistake while fending off the continued pursuit of the interloping Catherine.

Oh, and at night, he dreams he is a sheep, forced to climb an impossibly tall tower. And if he fails, he dies in the real world. Yes, this is Persona-level weirdness.

Catherine: Full Body includes another woman to add to Vincent’s already-confused state of mind. Very little is known of the woman, named Rin, at this point, but she will add new cutscenes and even some new endings to the game.

No release date has been announced, but Atlus will talk more about the remake in a livestream on December 22 at 5:30 a.m. EST