Nelson and the Magic Cauldron- a Fantasy Adventure to Launch Soon following Kickstarter Success.

The german independent developer Manuel Schenk created his own game while working his full-time job.
The production started two years ago with a little help by a kickstarter campaign. Manuel Schenk developed the game and had painted and animated all game elements by hand.

At the age of five years he always wanted to change the games he played. At the age of twelve, he created his first game.

“This time, I wanted to create a Sci-Fi-Adventure”, says Schenk. “But my graphic style fits much more to fantasy. And before I realized it, the game was ready for playing.”

This game takes place in a fantasy setting, where a young man called Nelson inherits a cabin from his deceased uncle Sid, not knowing, that the uncle had a magic cauldron during his lifetime. Nelson travels to the island, where his uncle lived and could not imagine, that the legacy will not mean wealth but responsibility.

There are a lot of crazy characters, including dead Uncle Sid, the stone cold undertaker, the confused baron, a soup-cooking witch and the vegan zombies. It is a game of magic and a lot of humor – with many hidden jokes about other games and movies – as a homage, of course.

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron, classic Point & Click-Adventure in 2D will be released November 22nd via Steam and Google Play.