Not a “Delay,” Just Later Than Planned: ‘Anthem’ Postponed Until 2019

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Anthem, the upcoming online shooter from Electronic Arts, is being delayed until 2019.

Well, “delay” isn’t the word EA would use.

It’s not a delay,” said EA chief financial officer Blake J. Jorgensen. “People are trying to create a story.”

It almost seems as if the story now being created is that EA is blatantly attempting to spin a delay as somehow… not a delay? Regardless, the game, which was originally planned for release this year, isn’t coming until sometime in 2019.

In its stead, EA plans to release a new entry in its popular Battlefield franchise this October. The delay of Anthem seems to be, in part, an attempt to launch a new intellectual property in a less-busy time of year, to give it every chance to succeed.

This sort of bizarre gaslighting behavior probably won’t endear gamers to the company any more than they already are, seeing as how EA frequently wins the award for Worst Company in America.