Pay (and Keep Paying) to Play ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2 Locks Endgame Content Behind DLC Paywall

Destiny players, you’ve been down this road before. Just as it did with the original Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion, Bungie has raised the power level cap in the new Destiny 2 DLC, Curse of Osiris, to 330, subsequently raising the minimum level to participate in high-level raids beyond the 305 cap from the main game. This means content you could previously access is no longer yours for the taking. The character level cap has also been increased for DLC players only.

While this only applies to the Prestige versions of raids and Nightfalls, it’s still a disappointing move on Bungie’s part. Their desire to avoid fracturing the player base comes across as a cynical money grab, taking content away from players who have already invested upwards of $60 in purchasing the main game.

The new expansion also marks the return of the heroic strike playlist, something players will remember from the original Destiny but which wasn’t included in the sequel until now.

Bungie has yet to comment on the changes.

The push toward creating “games-as-a-service” seems to be making a lot of people upset — just look at the recent fervor over EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 micro-transactions. The reality is that AAA games cost way more money to make today than they did even ten years ago, and a million-seller is not a guarantee of financial success. Companies will continue to monetize games long after they launch, either through micro-transactions or through downloadable content. While it does appear cynical on its face, moving premium content out of the main game and into DLC probably seemed like a good way for the company to continue inching toward the black.

Not that it excuses poor communication or the fact that they’ve taken content away from paying customers. Here’s hoping Bungie issues a statement soon and works to rectify this for their player base.