PlayStation Trophies Can Now Earn You PlayStation Store Credit

More than just street cred, the trophies you earn in PlayStation games can now actually help fund your gaming. Recent changes to the Sony Rewards program are opening a whole new world of possibilities for gamers who are already all-in on 100 percenting every game they own.

But it won’t be easy. Under the new plan, 100 Silver trophies equals 100 Rewards points; 25 Gold trophies equals 250 Rewards points; and 10 Platinum trophies equals 1,000 Rewards points.

It might not be too difficult to earn a bunch of Silver trophies — often those are given out through regular gameplay. But Gold, and especially Platinum, are much harder to come by. Platinum trophies are only awarded to players who unlock every other trophy in a game, which is why the average casual gamer doesn’t typically have many.

Still, even if it’s not much, rewarding players for playing well is an interesting idea. 1,000 points equals $10 on the PlayStation store, so gamers willing to take on the challenge and start earning should sign up and link their PlayStation accounts to their Sony Rewards accounts right away. That’s right, you have to link your accounts before the change will take effect, and only new trophies earned after the link will count.

Check out the Sony Rewards program here, and happy trophy hunting.