Pokemon Stop: Niantic to Pay Out Over $1.5 Million After Pokemon Go Festival Fiasco

Last year’s Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago was an unmitigated disaster. Servers were down, connections were slow, and many people couldn’t play at all. This is made worse by the fact that many players had traveled from far away — states away, or even overseas — to join in the festivities. Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon Go, has already refunded the ticket price for all attendees and issued everyone $100 in credits toward the game, but some fans demanded more. And rightly so, since they incurred significant travel expenses to come to a festival that didn’t end up happening.

Now, Niantic has agreed to pay more than $1.5 million in a settlement for these players’ class action lawsuit. On May 25, 2018, a website will launch that will allow these players to make their claim and get reimbursed.

Now, to prevent fraud, some security measures will be in place. You’ll need to prove you were there by having checked in at the time. And if your expenses are more than $107, you’ll have to provide receipts.

Any money left over after payouts and legal fees (assuming there is any) will go to nonprofit organization Chicago Run, as well as the Illinois Bar foundation. No money will be returned to Niantic.

Hopefully this puts the matter to rest. And if Niantic has learned its lesson, maybe a future Pokemon Go festival is possible. Only with less rage and frustration this time.