QuakeCon Shakes Things Up With Premium Packages


QuakeCon, an annual free gaming convention held in Dallas, Texas, allows gamers to congregate, socialize, and discover and play games to their hearts content. People attending should be sure to bring their own computer, whether it is a laptop, desktop, or tower. They are also encouraged to bring peripherals like their own keyboard, mouse, and headphones as well as personal security devices, such as laptop lock cables, just in case.

The con received its name through ‘#quake': the Efnet IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel its founders, Jim Elson and Yossarian Holmberb, met though in 1996. Its initial name was #quakecon due to this, but it quickly evolved into its current name. What began as nothing more than a group of friends meeting up for fun gradually began to evolve into something more, QuakeCon.

Elson organized and took care of the proceedings of the convention for its first two years, but with each year came more people and soon volunteers were asked for to help organize a mass gathering. Now, Quakecon is sponsored by well known gaming companies such as Bethesda, Alienware, and more.

Though QuakeCon is free of charge, pre-registring has opened up to the public. Pre-registering is not an official requirement, per se, and walk-ins are welcome the day of the con. However, those who do not pre-register will have to register at the convention, taking away time from gaming fun. The third option is to help out to convention and volunteer for the events, and get a bit more of the behind the scenes action.

Most anyone can volunteer to help the con, and those who wish to do so will want to check out the official Quakecon website. As for those deciding to pre-register, they should know that while admission is free there are limited time premium bonus packages that do cost money. They are the following:

For those bringing their computer, The BYOC Select-a-Seat allows con member the ability to select and reserve a guaranteed seat of their choice in the BYOC area and an official QuakeCon 2013 BYOC t-shirt.

The BYOC Select-a-Seat and Swag Pack which includes selecting and reserving a guaranteed seat of your choice in the BYOC area, an official QuakeCon 2013 T-Shirt, an official QuakeCon 2013 BYOC t-shirt, a QuakeCon Branded Logitech G400 Mouse, a $10 Voucher for the on-site Bethesda Retail Store (merchandise from the Bethesda website will be available for purchase at the con), as well as a number of show exclusives, and reserved seating until 7:00pm on Friday.

The BYOC Select-a-Seat and QuakeCon done Quick including selecting and reserving a guaranteed seat of the gamer’s choice in the BYOC area, express lane fast-pass registration for the BYO and every speaker, panel, and public event at QuakeCon, limited reserved access seating for all panels and presentations and events, an Official QuakeCon 2013 BYOC t-shirt, reserved seating until 7:00pm on Friday.

And finally the Swag Pack which includes an official QuakeCon 2013 t-shirt, an Elder Scrolls Online Ouroboros t-shirt, another Special Limited Edition t-shirt, a QuakeCon branded Logitech G400 mouse, a $10 Voucher for the on-site Bethesda Retail Store, and a number of show exclusives.

To pre-register today visit: http://registration.quakecon.org/.

The Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas, will be QuakeCon’s host beginning Thursday, August 1st at 9:00am CT, and extending to the 4th. For more information please see the QuakeCon official website, www.quakecon.org.