SKY, the New Game From the Creators of JOURNEY and FLOWER, Coming First to Apple Platforms

At Apple’s iPhone X press conference yesterday, thatgamecompany announced their new game, SKY, is coming to Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. The company is well known as the creators of the critically acclaimed JOURNEY and FLOWER.

Company president Jenova Chen was on hand to help demonstrate the game, in which players control mysterious cloaked figures with the power of flight as they soar around the world, bringing light to dark places.

Up to 8 players can enjoy the game together worldwide. It’s unknown precisely how the gameplay will work with multiple people. thatgamecompany’s previous title, Journey, included multiplayer in subtle, intriguing ways, so they certainly have a solid track record on that front.

The game is richly stylized and will look fantastic thanks to the 4K abilities of the upcoming Apple TV 4K, which will be available later this month. The game itself is slated for a Winter release.

Jenova Chen later clarified that the game is coming “first” to Apple platforms, though no other platforms have been announced as of yet.